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About us


The ALUFOX® company is a family company that was established in order to introduce and popularize ALUFOX® thermal insulation in Poland and other countries. The ALUFOX® mat was created by Witold Symonajć, who acquired the rights to the exclusive production and distribution of ALUFOX® thermal insulation.

The mission of our company is to take care of the thermal comfort of users, regardless of weather conditions or external conditions. We want to increase the awareness of potential users in the field of radiant heat reflection and the rules related to heat loss. The impact on these phenomena through the use of the ALUFOX® mat allows you to reduce energy costs, which has a positive impact on the natural environment.

The width of the roll (120 cm) has been adapted to the technology of plasterboards, which basically facilitates, accelerates assembly and reduces its cost. In construction, ALUFOX® thermal insulation can be used almost everywhere. It also has significant applications in other sectors of the economy. In short, where good thermal insulation is needed, ALUFOX® goes ahead of others.

The highest quality, the lowest price and delivery to the indicated address within 48 hours (straight from the factory) for each customer.

We work for the thermal comfort of our customers.

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