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How ALUFOX® works



Heat loss phenomenon

There are three physical phenomena associated with heat loss: radiation, conduction and convection. The participation of individual phenomena in the heat loss process will be explained in the drawings.

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The phenomenon of thermal radiation, which accounts for as much as 75% of heat losses caused by various physical phenomena, is omitted in the case of traditional thermal insulation, as evidenced by their construction. Only the aluminum screen is able to reduce thermal radiation to 97%. Radiant heat passes through traditional thermal insulation materials in almost 100% and if they were placed in wagons one after the other, it will not reduce the losses caused by the phenomenon of thermal radiation. The analysis of phenomena related to heat losses allowed to minimize the thickness of ALUFOX® thermal insulation to 0.5 cm and to create a structure adequate to the importance of individual phenomena in the process of heat loss. Each phenomenon has been treated as it deserves. Increasing the thickness of ALUFOX® thermal insulation in the overall balance is unprofitable. The most important in the construction of ALUFOX® thermal insulation are two aluminum screens isolated from each other with a sufficiently thick layer of polyethylene foam, where the air is enclosed in tiny spaces, which minimizes the phenomenon of transfer. On the other hand, the polyethylene from which the ALUFOX® thermal insulation is made and the air contained in it minimize the phenomenon of heat conduction.

To understand the genius of ALUFOX® thermal insulation, let’s compare it to a window. Imagine that aluminum screens of ALUFOX® thermal insulation are two window panes. If there was only one aluminum screen (one pane), the direct contact of hot and cold quickly leads to a state of thermal equilibrium, which results in the appearance of steam on the screen (pane). If we have an aluminum screen with foam, the phenomenon is similar, but it is a bit slower. If we have two aluminum screens (double-pane window), then the steam will not occur, but the phenomena of transfer and conduction will revel. Only the introduction of polyethylene foam filled with air bubbles between two aluminum screens minimizes conduction and transfer phenomena. This construction of ALUFOX® thermal insulation guarantees thermal comfort. The season of the year does not matter (minimizes the direction of heat flow). There is no dew on either side.

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