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Installation of ALUFOX® thermal insulation is extremely simple. For assembly, in addition to ALUFOX® thermal insulation, we must have: a wallpaper knife or shears, a staple gun if we are installing on wood, a drill and self-tapping screws if we are installing ALUFOX® directly on a plasterboard frame (remember to keep a minimum of 12 mm space between ALUFOX® thermal insulation and plasterboard), silicone glue as a universal helper and self-adhesive aluminum tape, which should be applied to all joints.

Installation with an air gap on both sides (minimum 12 mm).

  • attics, attics, ceilings
  • tiled roofs
  • facades (clinker brick, siding, stone and metal plates)
  • thermal insulation of pipes and tanks
  • garage door thermal insulation
  • air-conditioning installation

Direct mounting (no gap)

  • floors laid on concrete
  • under floor heating
  • thermal and vapor barrier for floors and ceilings
  • thermal insulation of pipes and tanks
  • thermal insulation of windows
  • air-conditioning installation

1. Transportation.

2. Necessary tools (scissors, knife, staple gun).

3. Cutting (with a knife, scissors).

4. Fixing:

for wood-staples,
for metal – silicone, glue, sheet metal screws,
to the floor – laying insulation under its own weight.

5. Mandatory gluing of joints with self-adhesive aluminum tape.

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