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We use ALUFOX® thermal insulation wherever we care about thermal comfort (i.e. cooler in summer, warmer in winter). In addition to the use in construction, which is shown in the drawing, ALUFOX® has a significant application in other branches of the economy. In addition to housing, it is used in industrial construction (production halls) and agriculture (chicken coops, cowsheds, fattening houses where thermal comfort gives measurable benefits in the costs of breeding and revenues from the sale of meat). It is perfect for thermal insulation of cargo spaces of all types of transport, protection of chemicals against solar radiation (during storage or transport), for thermal protection of fruit and vegetables during transport, for thermal insulation of ships, sailboats, motorboats, for protecting car windows from the sun and for the production of thermal packaging .

The width of the roll (120 cm) has been adapted to the technology of plasterboards, which basically facilitates, accelerates assembly and reduces its cost. In construction, ALUFOX® thermal insulation can be used almost everywhere. It also has significant applications in other sectors of the economy. In short, where good thermal insulation is needed, ALUFOX® goes ahead of others. The lowest price and delivery to the indicated address within 48 hours (straight from the factory) will satisfy not one.

We work for the thermal comfort of our customers.

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